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Atlas of Yellowstone website:  
For information about this project, contact Jim Meacham   

The InfoGraphics Lab has completed the Atlas of Yellowstone; a data-rich, state-of-the art, authoritative reference volume on the Greater Yellowstone Region.

It is first atlas of a U.S. national park, a fitting tribute to the first national park in the world. It describes and explains the human and natural setting of Yellowstone and paints a rich tapestry of interactions in the same style and vein of the award-winning Atlas of Oregon.

The atlas will educate the public, inform resource managers, and help build a constituency for the Park through its persuasive blend of science and art.

Purchase the Atlas
The Atlas is available for order through our publisher, University of California Press.

Lead Editor: Dr. Andrew Marcus
Cartographic Editor:
Jim Meacham

Yellowstone Editor: Ann Rodman