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Campus Mapping

We’ve Moved!

The Campus GIS and Mapping Program has moved. Housed for many years within the InfoGraphics Lab – the CGIS Program has grown to become its own central unit – organized under Safety and Risk Services. New website coming soon… You can now find us in the Franklin Building.

Campus Map 2.0 has launched!

The CGIS Program maintains a university-wide enterprise geodatabase that connects the campus community to a room-level GIS. This system provides UO staff and managers with the ability to track infrastructure and assets including utility systems, hazardous materials, capital construction projects, and space utilization throughout all of the buildings and grounds on campus.

Leveraging the data in our GIS, the we maintain the official maps and mapping applications for campus. Students in the program receive hands-on learning with our most advanced innovative spatial data and mapping systems as well as web and mobile application development.

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the Campus Map 2.0! After ten years and over a million unique views… we received funding to put our old Flash app to rest. Our team of staff and students worked hard to create something fresh and on par with our native mobile apps. We’re extremely proud of the Indoor Map functionality. We believe it rivals anything else out there. We hope you’ll enjoy using it. We welcome your feedback and look forward to adding new functionality in the future.

In addition the new Campus Map interface we’ve also created a custom API, inspired by Leaflet, to enable developers to create their own maps on top of our platform. Similar to creating a custom map through Google Maps’ API, our platform allows you to call our map tiles and place pins on thousands of campus locations. Below are a few examples. If you’re interested in accessing the API please contact us and we’ll get you started.

[ezcol_1third]Campus PDF Maps

[ezcol_1third]UO Campus Map



API Custom Map Examples

Place a custom pin on our color base map (embedded in an iframe)

Showing routes and pins on gray base map
Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.01.38 PM

Placing a pin and custom label on indoor maps
Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.07.07 PM
For more information about UO Campus GIS and Mapping, please contact Ken Kato.