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The InfoGraphics Lab serves the instructional mission of the University of Oregon through both course instruction and providing student experiential learning opportunities.


  • Web Mapping (GEOG 490/590) Joanna Merson
    • The web is full of maps: providing context to local and international news to sharing research. We’ll explore interactive web mapping, including fundamentals of cartography and user interaction. Students will gather spatial data, develop a story or theme from their data, and produce interactive maps.

      Lectures will focus on the theories and principles behind web mapping such as: establishing map goals, composition and layout, symbolization, animation, and more. Lab assignments will focus on practical applications and web design skills using cloud-based software, HTML, and CSS. Previous computer science or programming experience are helpful, but not required.

  • Data-driven Cartography (GEOG 490/590)  Carolyn Fish
  • Advanced Cartography (GEOG 493/593)  Carolyn Fish


Experiential Learning

The Lab employs undergraduate and graduate students who gain experience in the latest geospatial techniques as team members on a variety of GIS, cartography, atlas, and web mapping application projects. Our students have obtained career positions at National Geographic, Washington Post, Apple, Esri, Planet, the US Forest Service, National Park Service, The Nature Conservancy, The New York Times, as well as wide variety of state and local government agencies.