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Cartography and Visualization
Cartographic design and data visualization are cores area of expertise and experience in the Lab. We have worked with university faculty, administrative units, and public agencies on a wide variety of high-quality map and data graphic products for print, web, film, and social media publication.

Atlas Design
The Lab has been producing atlases for over 30 years, and is a national leader in atlas design and production. Our thematic atlas products have garnered top awards in cartography and publishing and serve as a model for modern atlas design.

Spatial Analysis
Our staff and students work collaboratively to provide a variety of spatial analysis services including: geocoding existing data, integrating GPS data, spatial overlays, and network analysis.

Web Mapping
The Lab has years of experience developing custom web and mobile map applications. Our team has created web maps for faculty researchers, UO administrative departments, and state agencies.

Campus Mapping
Housed for many years within the InfoGraphics Lab, the Campus GIS and Mapping Program has grown to become its own central unit, the Location Innovation Lab, organized under Safety and Risk Services. The program maintains a university-wide enterprise geodatabase that connects the campus community to a room-level GIS. For more information, please visit the Location Innovation Lab or contact Ken Kato.